Guillermo & Mary-Ann reddekopp & family 

duane & dawn Bakken and family

Learning and Serving in Asia-Pacific

Duane and Dawn Bakken are from Clearwater BC and, with their four amazing teenage kids, are serving with Ethnos Canada (formerly known as NTM) in Asia Pacific. They provide on-the-ground support to 12 teams of tribal church planters who are establishing churches in language groups where the Gospel was not known before. Their primary roles are: operating in-town housing for tribal medivacs, daily radio check-in with each location, helping church-planters with challenging projects in tribal locations, any anything else that teams need to keep moving forward in the essential and formidable work of firmly establishing disciples where Christ is not yet known.

Tony & Janet Ens

Toney and Janet Ens are originally from southern Manitoba. They have lived in the north for over 25 years serving with Northern Canada Evangelical Mission, most of that time in Whitehorse, Yukon....their present home. In 2017, Tony and Janet took on a new role with NCEM as Member Care Coordinators. Tony does weekly prison ministry and they are providing some leadership in a local church plant. Tony and Janet also do some work for the Salvation Army. They have four adult sons.

SHANNON AND DAnielle hurley

 Serving with

sos ministries in uganda

Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS) Ministries is a faith-based organization, dramatically impacting the precious people of Uganda through sound Bibical teaching and training in God's Word, and through sacrificially demonstrating Christ's love. Founded by missionary and preacher Shannon Hurley in 2002, SOS is headquartered in Uganda's impoverished Luweero District, operating out of Kubamitwe village, The SOS Board of Directors, senior leadership and staff are composed almost entirely of Uganda nationals.


Jenny Reitz Compere has been working in Haiti since 1996, where she has served the House of Hope in La Pointe, Port-de-Paix.  The house of hope is a family oriented long-term care facility that offers physical, emotional and spiritual hope to Haitian children and youth.

The HOH staff is led by Linda Felix the General Director. They care for 80 children and youth at any given time. Half of these are permanent members of our large family, the other half live with us for a time until they can return to their homes. While with us, these precious live receive medical care, emotional heeling, education, a hope for the future and most importantly they hear the Best News Ever - Christ in you the Hope of glory.

As a staff member of Extreme Response, Jenny now serves the House of Hope as Director of Development. She makes her base in Manitoba where she focuses on support raising, donor relations and providing the HOH staff the tools they need to care for the children.