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Why I Believe

Climbing a mountain alone is a difficult and even dangerous idea. Attempting to climb the mountain of manhood alone is also not recommended. Just like the literal mountain climber needs to belay or connect with another man for safety and support, we need other men around us to help us stay on course with our manhood. Having other guys deeply connected to us becomes invaluable when we slip, struggle, or stray of  course in our manhood journey. 

The GOAL of this study is not just to fill in the blanks in a book, but also to actually fill in the blanks of our lives. Having other men walk through the experience with one another is the key to moving this material from the pages to actually being fleshed out in our everyday life. Authentic Manhood is much more than a curriculum or a program. It’s a process and a journey. 

Our MODEL for Authentic Manhood is Jesus Christ and the 33 years He lived on earth. His life gives us a clear vision of the manhood God calls us to embrace. Authentic Manhood curriculum provides timeless truths and practical insights on how we can live to be the men God intended for us to be.

Authentic Manhood ~ building men who will reject passivity, accept responsibility, lead courageously and invest eternally.

Come join us Thursday evenings from 7:00-9:00 at the home of Lee Post.

 308 Canyon Close Canmore