Up coming events

  • Young Adults  

    First Tuesday of each month is a POTLUCK...

    Bible study starts at 7:30... but please come earlier to meet/catch up before getting started. 

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    Banff Park Church: Young Adults Hub

  • Lake Louise Bible Study - Get to know this group here


    We're a gathering of Christians from all over the world who are blessed to call Lake Louise our home. From Quebec to Mexico to Jamaica, the Philippines and Kenya, we have many accents, lots of laughter and potlucks full of flavour! Our passion is Jesus and we love to study the Bible and pray together to come to know Him better and better.

    Whether you're a Lake Louise local or just travelling through on vacation, it'd be a pleasure to have you join us anytime!

  • cHILI FRIDAY @ banff park church

    Every Friday

    Come and join us Friday evenings for a bowl of homemade beef chili. 

    It's FREE

    and everyone is welcome.


    After supper activities include

    board games, table tennis, foosball, pool table


    movie nights.