Banff Park church


Ministering in the Bow Valley, and impacting our world, by being a biblical community where Jesus is present, grace is shown, truth is loved and people are valued.

Vision Moto

Jesus is present here. Grace is shown here. Truth is loved here. People are valued here.

Core Values Statement

We value Biblical authority

We particularly value Bible-centered, Christ-exalting preaching and teaching. We read and study the Word of God together as a Body, in small groups and personally, so that we may better understand, delight in and obey our God, and so come to maturity as followers of Jesus.

We value authentic worship

When worship is authentic it happens in our homes, at our work and play, and when we gather as a Body. Together we will study God's Word, sing His praises, share a meal, give voice to our joys and burdens and seek God together in prayer, remember the Lord Jesus at His table, and bring tithes and offerings to Him, and we will faithfully serve Him, whether in the fellowship or in the world, with the gifts He has given us.

We value biblical community

Biblical community flows from our common saving faith in Jesus, is led by godly servant leaders who shepherd the flock, and is evidenced by warm fellowship. Here every person is valued, families are strengthened, Christians are lovingly discipled, believers, (especially those who are younger) are equipped and encouraged to serve and lead, and those in need are cared for in a spirit of compassion.

We value the Gospel of Jesus Christ

We will seek to be culturally relevant in serving Him as we build one another up in the faith, and as we engage with friends, our neighbours, around us and those who came here for work or recreation. We will seek to minister to the poor and distressed. We will value people of every culture, and will address the issues of our time from God's Word, while keeping the gospel of Jesus Christ a the center of all we do.